Paperloop creates 100% biodegradable packaging from repurposed cardboard boxes.  

How does it work? 

  1. Used cardboard boxes are donated by local businesses 
  2. They are shredded by our purpose-built machine 
  3. Sturdy, eco-friendly parcel wrap is created!  

Each piece of Paperloop packaging is unique, and its flexible accordion-like design makes it extremely versatile. Customers use our standard-sized packaging sheets to wrap and pack a range of products including ceramics, food products, stationery, skincare and accessories. The sheets can be used as padding and void-fill in boxes and come in a range of standard and custom sizes depending on your product. We also provide the packaging bi-product as packing filler or material for compost and mulching.  


Why us? 

The benefits of choosing Paperloop include:  

  • Saving cardboard boxes from commercial recycling or landfill 
  • Using an alternative to plastic or unnecessary packaging 
  • Help to reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Becoming part of a network of businesses, organisations and community members, working together to create positive environmental and social outcomes  
  • Supporting local jobs and volunteer opportunities 
  • Raising awareness about the circular economy 
  • As a social enterprise, income generated contributes to Bridge Darebin’s programs that support vulnerable community members 


Who are we? 

Paperloop is a project lead by Bridge Darebin, an innovative, not-for-profit organisation and certified social enterprise based in Preston and Thornbury. Bridge Darebin’s purpose is to strengthen our community.  

With a strong focus on sustainability, Bridge Darebin is home to: 

  • Moon Rabbit, our low waste café, mobile cafe and catering services 
  • Enrich 360, our dehydrator machine on-site at Preston which turns food waste and coffee grounds into fertilizer for the garden  
  • Educational programs including Sustainability 101, Intro to Urban Farming and sustainable craft workshops  

Paperloop is run by a small dedicated team, supported by our superstar volunteers. Each piece of packaging is processed from start to finish by our local team in Preston.  

The project is supported by partners including Snap Preston, City of Darebin, Sustainability Victoria, and Jemena.  

Most importantly Paperloop relies on our suppliers and customers! Every cardboard box donated, and every product purchased helps to reduce waste and support our community programs.